I hope this message reached you and that you are well. I received your painting today and it is so beautiful.

There is such a determination and strength of perseverance, in her eyes, and I thank you for your gift in painting this. It is very special and symbolic to me at this time in my life.

I will be looking into framing it in the coming weeks but I wanted to let you to know that your art has made its way into a good home with someone who will appreciate it.

Thank you again for your creation and more importantly thank you for letting it go.


I received my paintings.  They are amazing! I can’t wait to hang them.
I am so excited about your art.  And, I am giving two pieces to close friends.  So you will be hanging in four homes now in Santa Barbara!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! The painting is even more beautiful in person!!!!! We just got around to framing it (we picked up the framed piece yesterday and FINALLY hung it in our living room this morning). My husband and I are beyond happy!You are such a talented artist, and you'll definitely be hearing from us again! 

Andrea Z.


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