Anna Matykiewicz is a polish artist who has been living and working in Ireland since 2003.

While living in Ireland, she completed B.A. Degree from Visual Communication in 2005 in Poznan, Poland but remained in Ireland where she currently resides.

In 2013 she left corporate work to fully pursue her career in art. Prior to this she was working in many diverse areas, not necessarily related with art. 

She is mostly focused on exhibiting and promoting her artworks through the internet.

Trough years successfully selling her artworks trough Saatchi Art.

Her artworks are in private collections across the world in such countries as Australia, United States, France, Germany, Poland, South Africa, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Greece and UK among the others.

She has become well known for her striking portraits that gaze intensely toward the viewer. Using bold colour palettes for her figurative artwork, Anna also incorporates elements of abstraction in the form of dripping paint and gold leaf details.


"My paintings are an expression of the dialogue, which takes place between the object I paint and myself. For this reason, I chose to paint portraits, which allow me to express this dialogue and the emotions I am feeling.

From time to time, I return to the darker and more intense tones. As with colours and style, the titles of my artworks correspond closely to the emotion I would like to portray to the viewer.

My work is strongly influenced by things which inspire me in my everyday life – nature, beauty fashion and interior design."